This page is here to help answer any question you might have. If you have a question that wasn’t addressed please feel free to contact us.

How it works

“Order Now” is a service we provide for customers. It is quick, easy and convenient. Customers can order their lawns to be mowed online from anywhere using their phone, tablet and p.c with no contract needed.

This is how it works:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Click the “Order Now” button.
  3. Follow the directions on the screen. If you need help we will be happy to help. Once you know your package size for your address it stays the same. You can always pick your same package when returning.
  4. Once you have checked out we will confirm your information and be in contact with you within 24 hours with your scheduled day.

*At our discretion

All services are at our discretion. If we cannot service your lawn for any reason you will receive a full refund. Mow My Lawn LLC reserve the right to cancel any service at anytime.


We are a pre-pay residential mowing service.


Since you are not under contract you may cancel at any time. If we service your yard lawn before you cancel you will not receive a refund since the service was performed.

*How soon will my yard be serviced?

Once your order has been processed you will be contacted by our support team with your scheduled service date by email.

We do not do on-demand mowing. Meaning you want service the same day you order or next day.

*How is my yard measured

Your yard is measured by lot size. Not the amount of grass we are cutting.

*Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured. This means if anything is damaged by Mow My Lawn LLC will cover the costs.

*We are not responsible

We are not responsible for normal wear of trimming around mailboxes, fences and etc. We recommend you get a mailbox post guard from your local hardware store.

*Am I obligated to a contract?

No, you are not obligated to a contract. You can pay for a single cut, weekly or bi weekly. If you are weekly or bi-weekly and you decide you want to cancel in the middle of your service. We will adjust your invoice to the proper price.

*Will I receive a refund?

Yes. The customer will receive a full refund if we cannot perform the service ordered, or the customer cancels the service before it is performed. You will not receive a refund once the project has started. If you are unhappy with your service for any reason  we are willing to work with you to resolve the problem.

Mowing Service – If you paid for a bi-weekly, weekly or seasonal and you wish to cancel the service you will receive a pro-rated refund.

Example: Bi-weekly 2 cuts at $55. If you cancel after the first cut your refund would be $15 because a single cut is $40.

*Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit card and PayPal.


We will be happy to assist you with all of your billing acquires.

*How often should my yard be mowed?

For the best and healthy looking lawn we recommend weekly.

Single & Bi-weekly service are subject to overgrown fees.

*Treated lawns & Flags

It is the customer’s responsibility to notify use if their yard has been treated. Most treated lawns require some wait time after application. It is the customers responsibility to remove yard flags ( cable flags, invisible fence flags and etc.) We will mow around them.


1. Edge-We edge the driveway, walkway to front door and front sidewalk where applicable. There is an additional fee to clean out edging on a corner lot. Please request an invoice.

2. Mow – We mow the yard.

3.Trim – We trim around the house, trees, fence, mulch beds and etc. We do not trim inside mulch bed, garden beds and etc. If you have overgrown weeds in these areas we recommend killing them with some type of weed killer.

*We do not trim around hanging wires such as a/c wires , cables wires, behind fence post and etc. We recommend killing them with some type of weed killer.

4. Blow – We blow the grass clipping off your driveway, sidewalk  & etc.

Mowing hours – 8 am. thru 5 pm. Monday thru Friday. There is no set time for our arrival. If we are not at your home by 5:15 on you scheduled service day we will be there the following day.

Weekly cuts – We do not separate weekly cuts into bi-weekly cuts.

Bi-weekly Cut – Every 10-14 days.

Cancellation – If a customers cancels or skip their service day that canceled or skipped day is lost.

Example – You cancel Tuesday, we will be back on the following Tuesday.

Overgrown fee –  If your yard is overgrown please let us know in advance, so we can quote the job.

Jump Day – Jump Days happens occasionally when we have to move your scheduled service date for any reason.

Before We Arrive – All fence gates need to be unlocked the day of service. All pets put up and secured and their waste picked up and trash. Please have the areas you wish to have mowed cleared. We do not move items in your yards such as, lawn furniture, trampolines and etc. We will trim around these items.

*Before we arrive

All fence gates need to be unlocked the day of service. All pets put up and secured and their waste picked up. Please have the areas you wish to have mowed cleared. We do not move items in your yards such as, lawn furniture, trampolines and etc. We will trim around these items.

Weather Permiting

If weather is permitting us from performing service on your scheduled service day, we will service your yard the next business day weather permitting.

Height we cut

We typically cut 3.5 or 4 inches unless customer gives specific instructions.

100% Satisfaction

If you are not 100% completely satisfied with any service we provide. You will receive $5.00 off your next mowing service.

Find My Lot size

This is a free site where you can measure your yard size via satellite. This is the same process we use to find your lot size Go to or copy and paste it to your web browser. Then take the following steps below. We will confirm your yard size. If you are not comfortable using this method call and we can help you with your yard size.

  1. Type in your address. You will see a satellite image of your house.
  2. Zoom in and click on clear markers.
  3. Start by clicking on corners of the corner where the street and driveway meet.
  4. The next click should be where the driveway meets the sidewalk.
  5. Continue to click on corners around the house and back down driveway to the street
  6. Now click around along curb line to property line
  7. Click along property line around the house and back to the street
  8. The area shaded is your yard size.

First time service fee.

This is a one time service fee. This fee covers the clean out of your yard edging prep and etc.