This is a free site where you can measure your yard size via satellite. This is the same process we use to find your lot size Go to or copy and paste it to your web browser. Then take the following steps below. We will confirm your yard size. If you are not comfortable using this method call and we can help you with your yard size.

  1. Type in your address. You will see a satellite image of your house.
  2. Zoom in and click on clear markers.
  3. Start by clicking on corners of the corner where the street and driveway meet.
  4. The next click should be where the driveway meets the sidewalk.
  5. Continue to click on corners around the house and back down driveway to the street
  6. Now click around along curb line to property line
  7. Click along property line around the house and back to the street
  8. The area shaded is your yard size.